Welcome to the TBVFS Virtual Gathering

For a while now I've been thinking about adding a feature
to Linux, which might be useful in many different areas, but,
and that's the reason why I'm spending my time on this, seems
to come especially handy for the creation and maintenance of
template based virtual servers.

The idea of a Template Based Virtual Filesystem is not new to
Linux or other Operating Systems, as a matter of fact it pops
up in news and mailing list since 1993 under various names,
nevertheless it seems that none of these Linux Implementations
was able to survive more than a few years or has proven worthy
to be included in the Linus kernel tree.

I would very much like to see all the knowledge and findings
of the past ten years combined in one place to form a conclusive
document (or howto) for creating such a feature or filesystem,
so we can avoid all the nasty pitfalls and drawbacks former
implementations carried. Therefore, I'd like to invite you to
join in and share your ideas, opinions and experiences.

Any input and/or help will be valued and welcomed.

Participants / Contacts / (Visitors)?

I honestly hope that you are willing to participate and

I'm certain that together we will be able to succeed. ::::::: Herbert